Hey there, I’m Alysha McLean and I started Get Social Daily because I knew what it was like to have a big dream with a not so big budget.  As entrepreneurs we wear a lot of hats and marketing is an integral part of getting our message out. The problem I found, many people could help you out, but it all came at a cost.  Starting out, I needed cost effective solutions with a big impact.


And so, I set out on a journey to find a solution that would help me grow my business and not break the bank.  I’m sure you’ve had many marketers call you to offer you their services – a thousand dollars here, five hundred there and let’s not forget the $10K and $25K solutions.  I wanted to make money to provide for my family, not be dishing it out faster than I could make it to so called ‘marketers’. Unbeknownst to me, I did what I loved most – consistently posted my real estate business to Facebook and Instagram, simply because I was excited to share what I was doing with my community.  And then, something magical happened. Colleagues of mine started to reach out and ask me what I was doing, they – my competition – was seeing me all over their social media feed! Where most businesses want to hold their secret sauce close, I wanted to share it and teach them what I was doing.  


I know what you’re thinking – but why??  Why would I teach my direct competitors how I was able to grow and scale my business?  I knew if I could teach them, they’d grow their business. If they grew their business they’d see the value I provided and we’d get to work together more.  I knew together, we could reach more people, and change more lives. And best of all – social media is still a great (mostly) free way to market your business.


And just like that, Get Social Daily was born to teach and empower entrepreneurs along with small & medium sized businesses to learn how to grow their brand using social media. Our goal is to connect and inspire everyone to be their authentic selves, and fulfill their dreams.  To build genuine relationships within our communities, by connecting online to expand offline.     


So, why me?  Well, I grew over 500 online communities globally, while focusing on relationship and community based strategies.  With a long history in the corporate world as Director of Operations for North America, my team optimized psychological behavior patterns along with retail buying intelligence resulting in higher purchasing conversions.  Finally, I’ve been an integral role growing several startups from ground up, along with running my own real estate business. I’ve used technology to gain an advantage over my competitors for over 20 years. As a Master Practitioner in Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy, I’m able to cut through the clutter transforming you and your brand, no matter what stage your business is at.


At Get Social Daily, we help you build your brand at each stage of our growth, without breaking the bank.

Let’s jump on a quick call so I can understand your goals and how we can work together. Book a Call here.