Want to save some time? Here are some ways for repurposing social media posts.

Repurposing is all about saving time and money, especially when planning your social media campaigns.

Here are some ideas for repurposing your content to spread it across the internet to reach your ideal audience:

1. Expand popular social posts into blog posts or emails. 

Check your social media insights and take those posts with the most engagement and use that content or theme to write a longer blog post, email series, or a short report. When people respond to a post, it’s a topic that’s important to them so expand upon that theme.

2. Share reposted content at different times of the day. 

If your original post published at 6 pm Thursday night, try mixing it up by reposting at 12 noon on Monday. This practice maximizes your visibility with your best content without people complaining that they’ve seen that post already.

3. Re-use YouTube videos on multiple platforms.

Promote your YouTube channel to gain more subscribers but also embed those videos on your website, in an email, or as an Instagram or Facebook story. Turn the audio into a podcast episode or set it up as a recurring evergreen webinar. 

4. Customize each post. 

Each social platform has best practices for using it and when you share posts across platforms, each one should be customized for the appropriate platform. For instance, your blurry selfie doesn’t belong on Instagram or Pinterest; those users want high-resolution photos and those posts get the most engagement. Instagram posts also use several hashtags while Twitter doesn’t have space for many hashtags. Twitter also requires a condensed version of your post while LinkedIn requires a more formal tone.

5. Use different quotes from the same blog post on different platforms. 

Whether the quote is yours or from a social influencer, reworking the same social post will do wonders to attract new eyes and encourage engagement.

6. Repurpose photos for new posts. 

Keep your photos categorized neatly on your computer so you can simply reuse past photos for new social media posts, Facebook ads, infographics (which can then be distributed to all platforms), blog posts, or slideshows. 


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