Not everything you share on social media has to be a major announcement or big event. Marketing your business for a few minutes a day can still yield more followers and help you grow brand recognition.

Here are our top 5 easy things to post on social media for maximum results. 

1. Blog posts. 

Keep your audience informed and educated with regular blog posts. Optimize each blog post with affiliate links, an email opt-in, or an offer for one of your products or services.

2. Podcast episodes. 

If you host a podcast, include the link on your website and in your email signature. Publicize when a new episode publishes as well as your guest’s website and/or product. 

If you’re a guest on a podcast, still publicize those episodes! These interviews build your credibility and your host will appreciate the shout out in exchange for the interview.

3. YouTube videos. 

If you have YouTube tutorials or affiliate product reviews, publicize those. Again, videos will increase your credibility and build relationships while educating your audience.

4. Small community events. 

Did you join Toastmasters’ or the local Rotary Club? Talk about it on social media. Are you involved in a holiday toy drive or helping at a food pantry? Talk about it! Your social media feed doesn’t have to be 100% business news; talk about why it’s important to you to give back to the community. Let your audience see your human side.

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5. Older content and products. 

Do you have a library of evergreen products? Publicize those individual products on social media. Make an update if necessary; otherwise, tell people about what you have to offer and why it will help them solve a problem. 

6. Friends and affiliate partners. 

With affiliate partners, you’ll receive a commission every time someone purchases through your link but certainly promote your friends, even if there’s no affiliate commission involved, especially if they have been supportive since you started your business. What goes around comes around. 

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